Long Term Care Insurance – A Means to Prevent a Nursing Home Stay

Since 1988 I have worked in the field of aging. My experiences has made it clear to me that best course of action is to keep clients as far away from Nursing Homes as possible. My goal is to keep my clients at home for as long as possible, if not for the rest of their lives.

Based on my personal experience, the fundamentally institutional nature of a Nursing Home prevents them from offering dignified care. There are good hearted, well intentioned caregivers in many Nursing Homes, but the demands of institutional settings hamper the quality of care caregivers are able to provide.

Insurance companies and financial advisors who sell Long Term Care Insurance do not realize what it is like to actually live in an institutional setting. This might explain why most of the professional literature is written incorrectly.

Agents usually offer Long Term Care Insurance plans based on Nursing Home Cost and the average length of stay in a Nursing Home (average is 3 years). There are references to a “continuum of care” with home care ranked at the lowest level and Nursing Home at the top. How can a Nursing Home resident be better off receiving approximately 3 hours of direct care in a 24 hour period from low paid, overworked, Nursing Home Staff compared to a disabled individual who can have full time care from a private caregiver at home?

As a professional Insurance Agent, I best serve my clients by helping them plan ahead so they can receive care at home when the time comes. By having a comprehensive Long Term Care Insurance policy, we have together put the appropriate plan of action in place.

“Home Care provides choices such as the type of food you like to eat, to the music you like to hear”

By educating my clients and doing advanced planning, I strive to serve them well. I try to help my clients achieve fuller, happier and more dignified lives. Secure in the knowledge that they will never become a burden to those they love.

A good Long Term Care Insurance policy with excellent home care benefits can keep you out of a Nursing Home.

After all…”There’s No Place Like Home!”

Abe Glickman, LTCA, LTCP


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