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It Happened Again

It Happened Again – Don’t Let This Happen To You

Once again an Independent Home Health Aide has been arrested for abusing the elderly woman she was hired to care for (Sun Sentinel, Tuesday, 10/30/12).

The aide became a close part of the family. She was entrusted with the elderly couples debit card and pin numbers. She would go grocery shopping and perform other errands with those bank cards in hand.

A number of weeks later, that poor unknowing elderly woman noticed three unauthorized charges to her bank account. The charges were to Wal-Mart, department stores and to the aides FPL bill. She went to look for her bank card and could not find it.

Although this elderly woman was very frightened about her safety, she did the right thing and called the police…the aide was arrested October 27, 2012.

Surveillance video from Wal-Mart was the most incriminating. The aide is charged with 14 felony counts including exploitation of an elderly person and theft from a person 65 years of age or older.

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Abe Glickman, LTCA, LTCP
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