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Beyond Dollars

Beyond Dollars

Each of us has defining relationships in our lives; with our parents, our spouses, our children, and our colleagues.

We even have relations of sorts with our accomplishments, our achievements, and our success. And we have relationships with our own futures. We think of them as relationships because they mean something to us – and we are committed to them.

The Ripple Effect
We may understand that there is a financial impact to helping provide care, but there is more to the equation, and it goes far beyond dollars.

There is a ripple that can touch a primary caregiver, a secondary caregiver, their families and their futures. While a loving and selfless act, accepting or taking responsibility for another individual’s impact on our own lives, and on our families’ lives.

No matter how willing we are, no matter how heartfelt our promises are, our caregiving commitments can affect marriages, family dynamics, work commitments, financial stability and other building blocks of our own futures.

Will You Have A Role In Someone’s Care?
Thinking through the impact of your responsibilities as a caregiver is a first and important step.

Whether you are a primary of hands-on caregiver, or someone who orchestrates the care provided by others – whether you provide some financial support or weigh in on important decisions – it’s important to recognize the potential impact of caregiving on all aspects of your life.

Planning ahead for ways to mitigate costs or share caregiving responsibilities is worthy or every family’s consideration

To Be Continued…With “The Circle of Care”

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