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Crisis in Caregiving

Crisis in Caregiving

            If you do not already know, you will soon enough. There is a caregiving crisis in the United States. Directly or indirectly it will effect you.

            Caring for a loved one can cause havoc with the caregiver’s efforts to save for their own retirement.

            Researchers divided caregivers into two groups; Primary Caregivers – The main providers of hands on care, and Secondary Caregivers – Others involved with care who do not provide day-to-day support.

            About 73% of the Primary Caregivers, and 40% of the Secondary Caregivers said they had significant reductions to their savings as a direct result of caregiving responsibilities. In addition, both groups reported an even greater reduction in their retirement contributions.

            Caregiving also had a direct effect on the cargivers ability to work and keep jobs. Working fewer hours, losing jobs, and missed career opportunities were reported as a result of their caregiving responsibilities.

            So now is the time to take responsibility for ourselves and make sure our spouses and children will not have this burden to carry.

            As I always said, transfer the Long Term care risk to the insurance company and do not leave a bankrupt legacy to the future generations.

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