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Long Term Care Insurance Helps Leave a Legacy

To create an effective estate plan, there must be an estate to plan.

Experienced financial advisors have traditionally emphasized tax consequences, financial factors and

their client’s testamentary intent in designing an estate plan. Few give similar

consideration to the cost of Long-Term Health Care and its potential for decimating acquired wealth.

Thus, by the time the individual has died, it may we be that little or no estate remains because the funds have been consumed by the cost of nursing home care or extensive paid care at home.

 A year of care at a high quality nursing home or three shifts of qualified home

care health workers per day can amount to well over $100,000 annually – per spouse.

Assume that both husband and wife need care, and that care is required for 3 years by one

spouse and for 7 years by the other. In such a case, it is clear that even an estate well over

$1 million will be much smaller (if any exists at all) by the time the disappointed heirs inherit it.

Today, there are several ways to prevent depletion of an estate. Chief among them is Long-Term Care Insurance.


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