I Need An LTC Advocate

I Can Be Anyone’s Advocate

Dear Readers,

It is always gratifying to be recognized on a national level among one’s peers. I am very humbled by this achievement.

However, I must explain how I reached this goal.

It is not about how many appointments you have. It is not about how many kitchen tables you sit at making presentations. It is not about any of that at all.

It is about service (I have written about this in past articles). It is about making sure that the promises I made, and the promises the insurance company made at the time of sale (purchase) are delivered and kept. It is not about just making the sale and disappearing. It is about staying, keeping in touch with my clients, and making sure they know I will be there when they need me! It’s about my clients having peace of mind. It is being your advocate at the time of need. In today’s world, it seems that everyone is out for themselves, not for you. Where I come from, a promise is a promise. My handshake is my bond.

By always valuing my clients, I have made service my number one priority. I have the best clients an insurance agent could ask for. My modest achievements are a direct result of referrals. I have been fortunate, but at the same time, my clients expect professional, expedient and courteous service.

I offer again to all of you who have Long-Term care policies, and have no connection with your agents to contact me so we can review your policy and allow me to be your advocate.

Abe Glickman, LTCA, LTCP
Abe Glickman Insurance Group
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“It is better to create a plan 10 years too soon than one day too late.”

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Why All Advisors Need To Understand Long Term Care Policy Provisions

A Guide to Long Term Care Insurance –
Why All Advisors Need to Understand Long Term Care Policy Provisions

Understanding Long Term care Insurance terminology is often the cause of great confusion and frustration for advisors as well as consumers.

Much of the benefits terminology was derived form the Long Term Disability Industry. Today many Long Term Care policies use simpler and more understandable concepts, but assessing the terms carefully is still important, because terms differ between contracts.

Let’s look at just a few for example:

Elimination (Deductible) Period
The elimination period is basically a deductible. It is a period of time that the policyholder is responsible for all their Long Term Care expenses before the benefits of the policy starts to pay. Typically the Elimination period options are 30, 60, 90, or 180 days. Agents (Advisors) must be able to communicate to consumers how a company defines the Elimination Period which can significantly impact the benefits that are payable at the claim time.

There are typically 2 types of Elimination Periods:

Service Day or Calendar Day
With a Service Day Elimination Period, each day the insured receives a covered service and incurs expenses where a bill is issued, counts as 1 day towards satisfying the Elimination Period. But if home care is needed only 2 or 3 times a week, satisfying a 90 Service Day Elimination Period can take the policyholder large layouts of personal money.

But a Calendar Day Elimination Period does not require that charges be incurred or that services be rendered to satisfy the Elimination Period. As long as the Long Term Care Policy benefit is triggered, and the policyholder needs assistance with at least 2 ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) each calendar day counts towards satisfying the Elimination Period.

Also, some Long Term Care policies have an Elimination Period called a “1=7” provisions. This means, receiving 1 day of care each week will count as 7 days of care.

It is also important to know that some Long Term Care companies offer a “0” day Elimination Period for an extra premium. This means your policy will pay from day 1 of care!

Now, here is another example of important terms in contracts:

Benefit Period
Also known as the “Maximum Benefit Period,” this represents the number of years that Long Term Care coverage is provided. This period usually range from 2 years to Unlimited Lifetime. The number of years selected is used to define the “total pool of money.” This is the amount available for covered Long Term Care services. Benefit Periods are defined in terms of a Daily Amount ranging from $100 to $500 a day, or a Monthly Benefit from $3,000 to $15,000 a month. It is essential for consumers to have a clear understanding between the two options which will impact their claims.

An example is $200 a day in benefits equals $6,000 a month.

However, if your Long Term Care policy has a Daily Benefit and you incur charges over the $200 a day allotted, this will now become an out-of-pocket expense for you. With a Daily Benefit, you cannot borrow from the $6,000 you have to use. With a monthly Benefit, you can use any amount you want on a daily basis as long as you do not use more than the monthly amount.

Still with me or are you a little confused?

In conclusions, consumers should first be educated about basic policy provisions, how they differ, and how they may impact future claims before choosing a Long Term Care policy. Consumers must choose a knowledgeable Long Term Care specialist capable of providing a clear expiation of these increasing complex and varied policy provisions. This is an essential step when purchasing Long Term Care today.

Abe Glickman, LTCA, LTCP
Abe Glickman Insurance Group
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“It is better to create a plan 10 years too soon than one day too late.”

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I Have An LTC Policy…Now What?


You have purchased your own Long Term Care Policy!

I hope that you truly understand how to use your benefits in the future should you ever need help. Suppose you have a medical incident that requires Long Term care:

• So how does it work?
• What do you need to do?
• How do you start the process?
• Will your coverage meet your needs?
• How does Long Term Care Insurance work?

This process begins with a phone call to the insurance company claims center. Each company processes claims differently. However, they all begin by determining if your condition will qualify you to receive your benefits.

A crucial first question is: Will your doctor certify that you have a severe cognitive disorder or are unable to perform at least two activities of daily living without assistance and expects this disability to last at least 90 days?

Activities of daily living include:

• Eating – Getting food from plate to mouth
• Toileting – Help with personal hygiene tasks
• Bathing – Washing yourself and/or getting in and out of the bathtub or shower
• Dressing – Putting on or taking off clothing and/or assistive devices
• Continence – Control of bowel and bladder functions
• Transferring – Getting in or out of bed, chair, wheelchair

Now once you have qualified fir the claim, the insurance company will assign a care coordinator to work with you. They will try to develop a plan of care for you, meaning they will control the hours and the days you will receive care.

Does your policy pay Daily or Monthly? The most common is daily, but do you know what your policy does?

Also, do you have an elimination period (Deductable) or first day coverage? If you do have one, those are the number of days you will pay out of pocket until those days are satisfied. Once that is satisfied, the Long Term Care Policy now starts to pay. But, remember that you must show (prove to) the insurance company that you have paid for the elimination period so benefits can begin to be paid.

Most policies are reimbursement, which means that you will pay these expenses then submit proof of services to the insurance company. You will then be reimbursed for some, or all of the actual charges you have incurred. However, if you have an advocate helping you, we get the Home Health Care Agencies to take an “assignment of benefits.”

This is why I suggested in an earlier article about having an advocate to make sure you get all the benefits you have been paying for.

Even the most experienced Long Term Care experts need to remember about the core concept of selling Long Term Care Policies. It is about helping the client when they need to use the policy. The agent who sold you the policy is most likely out of the insurance business, leaving you helpless when you need the assistance and guidance.

This is why you simply contact the Abe Glickman Insurance Group. We have been here since 1988 and will continue to be here to make sure at your greatest time of need your not alone.

Abe Glickman, LTCA, LTCP
Abe Glickman Insurance Group
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“It is better to create a plan 10 years too soon than one day too late.”

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Is Your LTC Agent Gone? I WILL be Your Advocate

As a long time insurance agent, let me take this opportunity to wish you a happy and healthy year to come.

Most likely, several years ago, many of you have purchased a Long Term Care (Home Health Care) or Medicare Supplement Policy. May I say congratulations; doing that was a very smart financial decision.

However, over the years you have probably lost contact with the agent who sold you the policy. There is a good chance that agent has retired or left the profession. Statistics show that 7 out of 10 agents doing business at this time have left the industry. Thus, leaving behind thousands of clients with policies and without an agent to assist when those policies need to be utilized. It is very important to know that there are rules and procedures that must be followed in order for the insurance company to pay the benefits you need today and have paid for for all of these years.

I want to tell you that I am here to take care of anything that you may need. This means, when you get sick or hurt and need to utilize your policy I, Abe Glickman, am the person you need to contact (877-298-5824). I will take care of everything in a timely matter to make the situation less stressful for you and your family by providing you the following:

  • Locating Home Heath Care Services for you, as well as Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Adult Day Care
  • Helping you with your claims so there are no delays
  • Ensuring that your claims are processed accurately
  • Being at your service 24 hours in the event of any emergency

We at the Abe Glickman Insurance Group, have, and will always be dedicated to providing the best service and insure that you are completely satisfied. Service and support to you and your loved ones has always been my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.

Please take this opportunity to call me at the following number (877-298-5824) and allow me to review your coverage so I may refresh your memory of what you purchased many years ago. After that, I will become your advocate, providing you with my personal attention to your needs. We will create an informational profile for you and make sure you, as wall as your family, know to contact me in assisting you at the time of need.

I also invite you to visit me at my office at any time you are in the area and have any questions or just want to say hello. Also, please make sure your family and friends have my information in the event assistance is needed in the future.

I sincerely hope you enjoy good health for many years to come.

Abe Glickman, LTCA, LTCP


Abe Glickman Insurance Group

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Email: AG@AbeGlickman.com

“It is better to create a plan 10 years too soon than one day too late.”

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