Awards for Abe Glickman

Top Honors for Abe Glickman LTC Agent

We are pleased to announce that Abe Glickman Insurance Group is the recipient of three awards from American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance. The Coral Springs professional was recognized by the national trade organization with the receipt of the following prestigious awards:


2010 Long-Term Care Sales Achievement Award for Individual Premium Sales*

Abe ranked 165 of the TOP 500 in the nation

2010 Long-Term Care Sales Achievement Award for

Individual Premium Sales by State*

Abe ranked 16th in the State of Florida

2010 Long-Term Care Sales Achievement Award for

Individual Sales of Policies Sold*

Abe ranked 71 in the TOP 500 in the nation

“There are over 40,000 insurance and financial professionals who market long-term care insurance,” says Jesse Slome, the Association’s executive director. “This annual award recognizes those leading professionals working to meet the needs of consumers nationwide.”*

The 2010 awards were presented to Abe Glickman in recognition of sales to individual consumers.

*American Association of Long-Term Care Sourcebook 2010


It is always gratifying to be recognized on a national level among one’s peers. I am very humbled by this achievement. However, I must explain how I reached this goal.

            It is not about how many appointments you have. It is not about how many kitchen tables you sit at making presentations. It is not about any of that at all.

            It is about service (I have written about this in past articles). It is about making sure that the promises I made, and the promises the insurance company made at the time of sale (purchase) are delivered and kept. It is not about just making the sale and disappearing. It is about staying, keeping in touch with my clients, and making sure they know I will be there when they need me! It’s about my clients having peace of mind. It is being your advocate at the time of need. In today’s world, it seems that everyone is out for themselves, not for you. Where I come from, a promise is a promise. My handshake is my bond.

By always valuing my clients, I have made service my number one priority. I have the best clients an insurance agent could ask for. My modest achievements are a direct result of referrals. I have been fortunate, but at the same time, my clients expect professional, expedient and courteous service.

I offer again to all of you who have Long-Term care policies, and have no connection with your agents to contact me so we can review your policy and allow me to be your advocate.


Abe Glickman, LTCA, LTCP


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